Building HIPAA Compliant Forms Efforlessly

  • Customizable per your requirements
  • Combine multiple forms to form a package-form
  • Supports a BAA for protection when signing up to ensure protection

Schedule Appointments via Forms

  • Easily book appointments by selecting a date and/or time on your form.
  • Google calendar integration to convert into an event in calendar

Collection of Consent Forms

  • Receive informed consent online.
  • Customize form to describe treatment or any possible risks, and refusal of treatment

Seamless Integration

  • Seamlessly integrates with other HIPAA-compliant software.
  • Make your collected data organized and easily accessible amongst the team.

Enabling Mobile Responses

  • Compatible to be filled on any mobile platform.
  • Schedule appointments, update medical history, or register as new from anywhere

Storing Data Securely

  • Automatically encrypt form data.
  • Guaranteeing the privacy of health information
  • Creates binding liability and keeps your business protected

Capture eSignature & Files

  • Have e-signatures on the form electronically or send important documentation or images directly through forms