Its better to be safe than sorry.

We’re enabling clinics, healthcare systems (inpatients & outpatients), Spas and Salons to be more efficient and assist more patients/ customers to detect COVID-symptoms before they enter the offices (either clinics, spas or salons).

By using COVID-AnalyzerTM Screener, patients, customers, and staff will be able to do a self-assessment to determine their health status and check for signs of COVID-19 - all before walking into the office. This process will ensure to keep your staff, patients, and visitors safe from entering your offices if they turn positive.

ePass will be issued if the signs are negative and automated alerts will be shared with the office administrator, before entering the office premises.

Go paperless - stay online. Stay Safe - Keep others Safe!

COVID-ComplyTM Features Screener:

COVID-Comply Features

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