Who Is It For?

Enable your patients to register online using ProComply Patient Registration Forms.
Have less stress on you, patients, on their first visit to your clinic by having the fill the registration form online at their ease from home.
ProComply helps patients focus on visiting the doctor by eliminating the hassles of getting essential and relevant information on papers along with their medical history.
Easy Patient Registration Workflow Process
  • Prospective-patients get a link to access ProComply for filling out their new patient form at any time and anywhere.
  • They can fill at their own pace and can even save the form for later completion.
  • Receive automated email or mobile texts on incomplete form as reminders to complete registration before their appointment
  • eSign with your digital signatures and upload necessary documents (ID, Insurance Copy, etc) hassle-free.
  • Show up for an appointment without having to worry about spending time at the clinic on paperwork

Why Choose ProComply

  • CasInstant ROI - Practices using ProComply are currently saving their time and money in preparing patient charts. h
  • Avoid Double Entries - ProComply easily gets integrated with known practice management tools which helps in avoiding double-entry of patient data from various sources.
  • Mobile Compatibility - Fill in the details on any mobile devices using ProComply and be informed for health histories completed online, treatment authorizations, informed consents and fees, and payments.
  • Integrations - It is enabled to integrate with several clinical information solutions such as Lexi-comp which helps eliminating input error prescriptions, dosage, and frequency of dosage information.

Save Time & Money with HIPAA Compliant Forms from ProComply.

A secured way of integrating patient information from your website into your practice management software.

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Remote work doesn't have to halt your productivity. Use ProComply for workplace productivity forms that enable you to bring data collection and eSignatures online, break down the barriers of process, and keep your business momentum forward.

ProComply helps the Staff on front-desk efforts and keeps the operations running.

Be it a clinic or an office, ProComply helps the staff in automating the form filling process.

ProComply gives your workflow process a powerful kick start with intuitive online forms that can send information to your employees across the organization by connecting your online forms to various ERP & CRM systems. It is power-packed with impactful features to help you collaborate with your team, streamline internal operational processes, and make better-informed business decisions.

ProComply for office productivity processes gives

  • Enough flexibility to transform a simple contact form to a detailed reporting form
  • Compatibility to access from any mobile device with eSignatures and collecting relevant documents
  • Ease of integration with several ERMS and CRMS for transferring forms to process-productivity.

Features of ProComply Productivity Forms

Form Customization

Eliminating the inevitable wait for developing or building a form. Rather customize and integrate it to go live in minutes.

  • Compliant forms that meet accessibility and online standards
  • Ability to fill forms online from any device
  • Allowing users to skip irrelevant questions and skip to save time
  • Save the incomplete form for finishing it up later
  • Import forms at ease with a click of a button

Data & Analytics

Data collection is safe with ProComply to get the business done. Enable informed decisions for your organization with key insights.

  • Form conversion to PDF files that can be downloaded and shared.
  • Form field validation to get the right information in one go.
  • Enable form upload to collect eSign, documents, files, photos, etc.
  • Enable data extraction through import and export into various data formats.
  • Route the data collected from the forms to the right people and departments.
  • Enable collection of online signatures for contracts and employee onboarding.
  • Enable prefill of form fields automatically with data from their social media profiles.


Data collected has a sensitivity level. ProComply stays aligned with the regulations to protect your information with the strictest security standards.

  • Collected data is encrypted for security.
  • Forms can be customized to be GDPR and HIPAA compliant by collecting consent, document opt-ins, and creating valid workflows.
  • Captcha to protect your form data from spammers and bots.


Streamline workflows with a collaborative effort to boost efficiencies.

  • Enable quick review and approve or rejection of the data submission via forms.
  • Managerial collaboration with editing and sharing access.
  • Set access permissions to restrict access at the organization and department level.
Empower Doctors and Physicians to be Qualitative with Patients

With ProComply, reduce costs and prepare better for patient appointments.

Issues with the Paper-based registration & appointment forms

New patients quite often tend to forget their forms or run late to spend less with their doctor

Delays cause a practice to get further run late through a day resulting in unsatisfactory patient experience

At times, improper insurance information or coverage leads to lot of consumed time and effort.

ProComply helps resole these issues for the Doctors and Physicians

Elimination of Delays

  • By the use of ProComply online forms, email and text reminders enable the patients to duly fill in the forms for an appointment.

Insurance Validation

  • ProComply enables the patient to upload necessary insurance and ID documents at the time of submitting the form - helping Doctors to validate insurance coverage and saves time.

Elimination of Errors

  • Online forms enable the avoidance of text legibility and duplication or auto-correction on prescription information - if not adhered can lead to medical complications

By drastically reducing the costs associated with paper materials, unsaved staff time and saved revenue from the incomplete appointments, ProComply helps medical practices cut down costs & gain an instant return on investments