How It Works


We are enabling clinics, healthcare systems (inpatients & outpatients), Spas and Salons to be more efficient and assist more patients/ customers to detect COVID-symptoms before they enter the offices (either clinics, spas or salons).

By using COVID-Analyzer Screener, patients, customers, and staff will be able to do a self-assessment to determine their health status and check for signs of COVID-19 - all before walking into the office. This process will ensure to keep your staff, patients, and visitors safe from entering your offices if they turn positive.

COVID-Analyzer - Process Flow

  1. Staff / Visitors requested to take COVID-19 Self Screening Survey, after visit schedule is confirmed.
  2. Visitors take Test 24 hours prior to the visit at home or in car
  3. COVID-ePass issued OR Admin calls /decides to reschedule the visit.