Eye Care Clinic

Eye-care clinics are now gradually beginning to schedule office-appointments, some may still continue to offer telemedicine virtually over the phone or through video conference on a computer or smartphone.

For in-person appointments, staff will have to take several precautionary steps to protect your health.

Accessing the right type of ophthalmic form at the right time is very critical to successful practice administration. ProComply has curated an extensive collection of ophthalmic medical practice forms accessible from its practice eForms library which is absolutely customizable to manage the workflows.


Redefining Ophthalmic-Care Delivery

ProComply's eForms features including centralized digital centers enables quick decision making, continuous clinical monitoring, targeted treatments and the use of smaller, compatible devices helping ophthalmic-care activities.

Digital Patient Experience

ProComply's digital and artificial intelligence (AI) platform can help enable paperless and on-demand interaction and seamless processes to improve the eye-patient experience.


Operational Efficiencies Through Technology

ProComply offers automation solutions, and next-generation interoperability to drive operations management and back-office efficiencies with paperless activities.

Healing and Wellbeing Designs

A conjunctivitis patient really needs not to be in the same physical space as an ophthalmologist to make the diagnosis?ProComply enables the well-being of patients and staff members with an emphasis on visualizing therapies and telemedicine by sharing documents like medical findings & record discussions.


Uncompromised Data Protection

With ProComply, serious patient-related data can be discussed and shared while still acting GDPR ad HIPAA compliant.

Easy Implementation and Usability

Even less tech-savvy people will be able to use ProComply eForms with ease. Customizable forms will enable ophthalmic-patient care providers to easily initiate paperless and intuitive customer conversations.