Out Patient Clinics

Out-patient clinics can be difficult for many people to attend and seldom fails to meet the needs of patients often leading to high rates of non-attendance appointments and poor patient engagement.

Whether it is navigating through the complicated booking process, or lengthy waiting times or delays to see a consultant – the current process contributes to the patient as well as staff frustrations and dissatisfaction. For those with complex care needs, attending to care appointments can be a traumatic experience.

With aging infrastructure in some countries and increased demand for more beds in others, ProComply enables hospital executives and governments to consider rethinking on how to optimize out-patient facility settings and integrate efficient digital solutions to truly enhance the health system without walls.


Redefining Out-Patient Care Delivery

ProComply's eForms features including centralized digital centers enables quick decision making, continuous clinical monitoring, targeted treatments and the use of smaller, compatible devices will help characterize out-patient care activities.

Digital Patient Experience

ProCoply's digital and artificial intelligence (AI) platform can help enable paperless and on-demand interaction and seamless processes to improve the patient experience.

AI-for-Long-Term Care

ProComply & AI for Long-Term Care

ProComply is enabled with Robotic process automation (RPA) and AI allowing out-patient practitioners and caregivers to spend more qualitative time providing care and less time documenting it.

Operational Efficiencies Through Technology

ProComply offers automation solutions, and next-generation interoperability to drive operations management and back-office efficiencies with paperless activities.


Healing and Wellbeing Designs

ProComply enables the well-being of patients and staff members with an emphasis on visualizing therapies by sharing documents like medical findings & record discussions.

Uncompromised Data Protection

With ProComply, serious patient-related data can be discussed and shared while still acting GDPR ad HIPAA compliant.


Easy Implementation and Usability

Even less tech-savvy people will be able to use ProComply eForms with ease. Customizable forms will enable out-patient care providers to easily initiate paperless and intuitive customer conversations.